As Attorney-General, I am Minister responsible for the Crown Law Office and the Parliamentary Counsel Office. I am also senior law officer of the Crown, which means I am the principal legal adviser to the Government with similar responsibilities to those of any legal adviser towards a client. My role includes giving legal advice and encouraging Ministerial colleagues to seek appropriate legal advice in the course of Government decision-making. In addition, I have overall responsibility for the conduct of all legal proceedings involving the Crown.

Treaty Negotiations

Treaty settlements are as much about recognition and healing as they are about recompense. Settlements address our past and invest in a common future.

This work has been my responsibility as Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations since 2008. Good progress has been made to resolve historical grievances in that time.

The government has now reached an unprecedented pace in the settlement of historic Treaty claims. This is a result of the government’s goal of reaching full and final settlements in a timely fashion, and a recognition that New Zealanders want to see these historical grievances settled so we can move on – as one country.

Minister in Charge of NZ Security Intelligence Service and Minister Responsible for the GCSB

New Zealand’s intelligence and security agencies carry out vital work to help keep New Zealanders safe at home and abroad. I was made the Minister responsible for these agencies after the 2014 election and have ministerial oversight of their activities within the policy settings and legislative framework set by the Minister for National Security and Intelligence.